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Future Proof Institute

Ushering In a More Resilient Future


Future Proof Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a more resilient world through our work with other non-profits, universities, civic organizations, and governments. Future Proof works with local, national, and global organizations to design and realize audacious ideas that redefine how people work, learn, and create long-lasting social change.

Our team includes world-leading experts in leadership, educational innovation, technology, philanthropy, and international aid.

We develop programs, including Normal > Next, that engage in design and strategy services to support systems change in the civic sector. We also use our networks of professionals and organizations to help clients make productive connections and build relationships with new partners.

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FPI: Our Story

Future Proof Institute engages with
leaders across various sectors to
promote human flourishing in a languishing post-COVID society.



Helping universities explore new ways to improve the educational experience by combining distance learning with practical experience on real-world projects that give students leadership experience and prepare them to be effective in the workforce.


Assisting foundations create mechanisms to respond faster to crises in a way that amplifies the voices of those most marginalized.

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Still Life with a Guitar


Building a network of artists, art-entrepreneurs, and leaders in the business and non-profit community to revitalize a city’s arts and cultural sector, incorporating and celebrating the city’s rich social, cultural, and ethnic roots.

"The truth is the truth, and it will always rise."
John Betsch, b. 1945, American Jazz drummer, Jacksonville, Florida
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