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Sponsor a C/Corps Team

When you sponsor a C/Corps team, we activate and train
a diverse cohort of 4 to 5 young adults, who work as a team with content experts
and senior leaders, to address your challenge and provide key insights and deliverables toward a solution.

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Why a C/Corps Team?

The interdisciplinary skills required to mobilize complex change are hard to teach in traditional siloed academic environments.

This has become more apparent as colleges and universities face increasing stresses related to cost, access, and effectiveness in equipping students for thriving lives and careers, accentuated by the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have found these factors result in large numbers of high-potential students who benefit from learning the practical, hands-on skills required to be effective agents of change. Our program puts these students to work, as a team. With our training, our C/Corps cohorts deliver in a few weeks or months, what often takes years.

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