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Steve Ritchie

Co-Founder, Principal

Stephen Ritchie “Steve” teams with and invests in smart, creative, talented people doing hard work. From large educational institutions to small community-building companies, he operationalizes strategy into fiscal management, budgeting and projecting, relationship building, planning, consulting, and training, typically behind-the-scenes, yet moving and stabilizing out front when needing.

One organization Ritchie works with closely is The Proof Group, which he co-founded and where he serves as chief operating officer and chairman. With a modern remote workforce, the Proof team provides technology services and strategy to organizations with a deep connection to education and serving the greater good. Another company he supports is edSocialMedia, which organizes professional development events and provides consulting to organizations, schools, non-profits, and associations discovering the power of social media.

Ritchie is a graduate of St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire and alum of School Year Abroad in Rennes, France. He received a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University before becoming an independent schoolteacher and coach. After a switch from history and English to technology leadership, he found himself drawn to data and systems, moving from the classroom to inRESONANCE, a school software company.

He describes himself as “more Watson than Holmes,” and is happy in that. A curious listener, Ritchie often finds himself in the vital roles of interpreter, synthesizer, and supporter. He is a natural context setter, translator, information sharer, pointer outer of what’s important, and a guide around what isn’t yet. He thrives on ensuring that groundbreaking ideas can be understood and brings them to people where they are, in a language that feels comfortable, ensuring breakthroughs can actually break through.

Ritchie prefers to be outside, on a paddleboard, listening to music, and being with his family more than anything. He is an environmentalist, a lover of alternative energy, a semi-obsessed runner, and a burgeoning music nerd. He claims that Maine and New Hampshire have the best breweries and is ready to prove that if necessary

Steve Ritchie
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