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Suetanya Euter

Associate - Cohort 007

Suetanya Euter brings power analysis and an empathetic lens to building a just world.

Rooted in empathy, Euter is deeply interested in the effects of systemic power on minority populations. Euter believes it’s critical to examine how systematic power creates multiple levels of inequality, inequity and injustice.

Graduating from the University Of Buffalo in 2021, Euter received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science, along with a minor in Public Health. For Euter, education has been transformational, both academically and personally. Euter’s experience at Buffalo peaked an interest in helping others and problem solving.

Euter’s involvements are dynamic. At Newburgh Free Academy, Euter played a critical role in creating the Black History Club. As PR personnel Euter grew creative directives and a meaningful community. Importantly, Euter ensured a safe environment for members to continue preserving Black culture in America and across the Black diaspora. Euter’s volunteer efforts also include organizing coat and glove drives, Easter egg hunts and food drives. As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, Euter responded quickly, volunteering her services to the Erie Department of health to assist in vaccination registration.

To nudge the world into a better place, Euter knows the power of having open and honest conversations in sparking change. Euter plans to continue making positive changes by pursuing a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology next fall.

In free moments, Euter enjoys exploring Buffalo, NY with friends and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. For Euter, there’s nothing quite like discovering a new favorite song and listening to feel good playlists.

Euter is nudging the world into a better place with admirable force.

Suetanya Euter
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