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Rhea Jaisinghani

Associate - Cohort 001

Rhea Jaisinghani values spaces that promote creativity and analytical thinking equally. She believes in access to health, specifically equitable access to health technology.

Innovators around the globe are creating devices, apps, and software that allow those with chronic illnesses and who want to promote personal well-being to live better. She strives to make those technologies accessible to all.
She is a senior Morehead Cain Scholar at the University of North Carolina studying Biostatistics in the Gilling’s School of Public Health. She attended public high school outside of Nashville and is an advocate for strong, accessible public schooling.

As a summer associate with Normal>Next, Jaisinghani leads a multidisciplinary team developing an open-source tool to ease educators’ move to teaching online.

Jaisinghani works at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention as a data analyst assistant where she works with senior-level biostatisticians to analyze data in research studies.

She values working in groups with strong leaders who ideate differently. Serving as a Fellow with Forward Through Ferguson, in St. Louis, she was part of a team developing a Sustainable Equity Development Goals (SEDGs) tool for institutions of the region, offering tangible and measurable goals for local groups to embed into their organizational structures. This work offered an on-the-front-line understanding of why space influences equity work, often more than good intentions.

Jaisinghani is a strong believer in the impact of the arts, particularly dance. She has studied and practiced classical Indian dance for over 15 years and dances with a Bollywood fusion team at UNC. She has also explored her love for baking by earning her patisserie diploma at the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She is never far from her sidekick Charlie, her medical alert service dog, who keeps her accountable to her ever-fluctuating and unpredictable blood sugars as a Type 1 Diabetic. Charlie hasn’t begun applying all she’s learned about statistics and math from her position beside Jaisinghani, yet it seems inevitable.

Rhea Jaisinghani
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