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Nadine Boctor

Associate - Cohort 007

Nadine Boctor makes our world a kinder place and is firmly rooted in advocacy and care.

Graduating from California State University, Fullerton in 2021 with a double major in Psychology and American Studies, Boctor harnesses her transformative experience to imagine interdisciplinary pathways. Specifically, Boctor finds meaning in approaching American values and culture through a psychologically informed perspective while engaging with mental health in a sensitive, culturally aware manner. Boctor believes that both fields are not just complimentary; they are essential to each other.

Boctor finds gaps and fills them. Prior to joining C/Corps, Boctor uncovered her deep passion for teaching as an Instructional Student Assistant and a Teacher’s Assistant at CSUF. Realizing the devastating effects of disinformation and lack of access to proper education, Boctor desires to make change with a potential career in teaching.

Beyond her teaching experiences, Boctor has volunteered with children in the foster care system for five years. Currently, she finds meaning through her engagement with a community garden which seeks to address food insecurity in Southern California communities. In a related vein, Boctor knows the importance of finding solutions for the climate catastrophe. Valuing systematic change, Boctor hopes to pursue this as an area of research. As a long-time mental health advocate, she plans to become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor within the coming years. Boctor dreams of a kinder, more selfless world. Leaning into skills and experience, Boctor is empowered to transform dreams into reality.

In her free time, Nadine enjoys cheffing her favorite recipes, hiking, painting, tai chi, and reading fiction and non-fiction books -the latter category a new addition to her library as she delves into reality rather than just escapism. She also enjoys being a plant mom and nurtures a variety of small succulents, moss, and potted plants.

Nadine Boctor
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