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Lynden Fausey

Associate - Cohort 002

Lynden Fausey has a passion for social justice, equal opportunity, and law. She hopes to apply what she has learned to real-world situations with the simple focus of helping others.

As Normal>Next summer associate, her determination and drive, paired with eternal optimism and a keen eye for seeing simple ways through complex situations, keep her focused on what matters most.

Fausey attended St. Andrews School, in Middletown, Deleware. While she has always had an interest in social justice and equity, she began to think seriously about the criminal justice system specifically when Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri and the Black Lives Matter Movement began.

As the daughter of a state trooper, she realized she was in a unique position to listen, learn, and grapple with the many facets of complex issues to create ways to move forward.

Fausey then headed south to Atlanta, where she is now a rising senior pursuing a major in American Studies at Emory University. She has spent most of her college years taking classes to better understand systems in the United States and find productive pathways ahead.

Her senior honors thesis combines her love of sports with her interest in social justice. By studying the changes in Lower North Philadelphia and Shibe Park, she provides concrete actions that sports franchises and stadiums can take to help the communities that surround them.

Fausey is a writer for the Phillies Nation website. She writes articles about players, games, and series previews that are also sometimes posted on various social media platforms. She also sends out newsletters twice a week during the season to subscribers on Phillies Nation accomplishments, what fans can look forward to, and interesting baseball history.

The only thing Fausey loves more than sports and social justice is ice cream. She worked two summers at her favorite boardwalk ice cream & coffee shop in Bethany Beach and now thinks of herself as an ice cream connoisseur. Whenever there’s an opportunity, she dispenses flavor recommendations alongside insights on how to make the world a more equitable place.

Lynden Fausey
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