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Kristen Clure

Associate - Cohort 009

Kristen Clure is a life-long learner who focuses on advocacy for developmental success and education accessibility.

She has studied positive developmental psychology and evaluation while considering the impact of changes during developmental stages and their impact on well-being across the lifespan.

Before working at Normal Next, she has worked as a copywriter, an author, a concert-reviewer, a policy director, a ski lift operator, an academic advisor, and as a research assistant across multiple areas of psychology.

Kristen graduated from UC Berkeley in December of 2020 with a BA in Psychology, during her time at UC Berkeley she held positions such as Director of Sexual Violence Prevention, Policy Director, and as a Peer Academic Advisor. She also spent all four years of her undergraduate degree working as a research assistant in a social psychology lab utilizing Gottman’s theory of the Four Horseman to consider Facial Coding implications within intimate partner relationships.

Following her graduation from Cal, she moved on to work at a ski park while awaiting her admission into Claremont Graduate University where she earned her MA in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation(2023). During her time at CGU, Kristen worked within the Love and Close Relationships lab on projects pertaining to mindfulness in first-year undergraduate students at the Claremont Colleges.

Kristen is also a Brain Injury Survivor and spends much of her time focusing on trauma research and interventions to increase life-outcomes for individuals throughout development and who have survived Traumatic Brain Injury.

Outside of the office and the classroom you can find her skiing, hiking, camping, reading, writing, at the gym, playing the piano, or at a concert.

Kristen Clure
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