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Julia Corrado

Associate - Cohort 004

Julia Corrado employs her communication skills in efforts to bridge the gaps between human and non-human environments.

At Normal Next, Corrado is directly involved in developing a resiliency framework to help cities adapt to flooding and sea-level rise. She also assists the team developing an online community for leaders focused on health equity.

Her passion is evident through her work lobbying environmental legislation in the state of New York, managing invasive species in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and her research work on non-profit farms, coastal resilience, and animal shelters. She is also a self-published poetry anthologist.

Corrado is enrolled at Pace University in a dual degree program for a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in Creative Writing and a Master of Science in Environmental Science & Policy. She is currently in her third and last year of undergraduate studies. At Pace University, she is a member of the Pforzheimer Honors College and the GreenPace Intern for Pace University’s Institute for Sustainability and the Environment. As an intern, she works to bring together faculty, students, and the external community to engage in issues concerning the environment and sustainability.

Corrado is known for her love of Tim Burton films, reptiles, and wintertime. A social butterfly, she could converse for hours about The Nightmare Before Christmas, ball pythons, or good books. She is also a firm believer that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Julia Corrado
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