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Evan Berkowitch

Associate - Cohort 003

Evan Berkowitch thrives at the intersection of disparate disciplines, applying his knowledge of the natural and social sciences to serve the public good.

A student of social innovation, he carries a healthy dose of scientific skepticism to ensure solutions align what’s both possible and also probable.
Next year Berkowitch will return to UNC-Chapel Hill where he will be a sophomore Morehead-Cain scholar studying neuroscience and economics. That unlikely coupling reflects merely two of his academic interests, which jump from quantum physics to Latin American history to game theory and British satire. Among the dizzying array of subjects, Berkowitch enjoys meditation and has considered living in a monastery. Although he thought he would pursue microbiology, massive social change feels like a better fit.

In his freshman year, he helped develop a dining swipe share system to combat student food insecurity and has proposed a currency system to inspire giving in the Chapel Hill area.

Prior to joining Normal>Next as a fall associate, he studied how diet can impact the gut microbiome by creating stomach environments in a lab. He also explored a novel biochemical pathway that could explain how exercise reduces prostate cancer risk.

Berkowitch worked at the San Antonio’s Mayor Office where he coordinated resources for residents and business. He witnessed COVID-19’s disproportionate impact at a community-wide scale, looking at barriers that prevent local governments from adequately serving their constituents during a crisis.

Evan Berkowitch
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