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Christiana Wayne

Associate - Cohort 001

Christiana Wayne uses the power of law to make individuals’ lives better within deeply flawed systems.

Her belief in policy, agreements, and organizations for personal good has drawn her to work with members of the justice system from local public defenders to federal judges.
Prior to working as a summer associate with Normal>Next, Wayne organized and operated a free legal clinic for non-English speaking immigrants in her community, providing assistance with property, taxes, and citizenship for people who might otherwise slip through cracks in the legal system. She also worked as an office clerk and researcher for a law firm specializing in real estate and estate planning.

She works as an information and resource specialist at the Compass Center for Women and Families in Chapel Hill, NC—an organization that offers legal, financial, and health resources to victims of domestic violence.

Wayne is a rising sophomore at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill studying history, English, and music, where she is a Morehead-Cain Scholar. She plays midfield and acts as treasurer for the women’s club soccer team. Her academic interests range from Modernist and Lost Generation literature of F. Scott Fitzgerald and T. S. Eliot to post-Cold War international criminal tribunals.

She has worked as a piano teacher and soccer coach, and she spent three gritty weeks sailing and fishing off the coast of Maine.

Wayne spends her discretionary time listening to jazz, reading new Supreme Court opinions, and spewing Stephen Sondheim lyrics at anyone who will listen.

Christiana Wayne
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