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Chad Nussbaum

Associate - Cohort 007

Chad Nussbaum fosters enthusiasm for making the Earth a better place with a collaborative spirit.

Graduating from the University of Florida in 2020 with a major in Political Science and a minor in Sustainability Studies, Nussbaum aims to go on to pursue a master’s degree in Environmental Business and Policy. Beyond school, Nussbaum’s passion for conservation and sustainability sparked from an enlightening study abroad experience in Eastern Australia exposing frightening environmental realities.

Prior to working as an associate with C/Corps, he was the acting manager of Native Fresh’s aquaponics facility in Jacksonville, FL. Here, Nussbaum oversaw a complex and unpredictable ecosystem of produce and fish that supplied hundreds of pounds of fresh foods in sales and donations every week. The ethos of Native Fresh motivates Nussbaum: with their focus on community education and outreach, he had the opportunity to lead several guided tours of the garden for Jacksonville-area students, potential investors, and close friends of the organization.

Additionally, Nussbaum worked as a finance associate for former Florida State Senator José Javier Rodriguez. Here, he developed and executed a finance plan with programs aimed at donor categories ranging from high-level PACs to previously uncontacted individuals. The controversial loss only expanded his passion for doing good and pursuing just outcomes. These and other experiences foster Nussibaum’s collaborative spirit and drive him to communicate effectively and build personal relationships.

In his free time, Nussbaum enjoys competing in soccer leagues and experimenting with music making and production.

Chad Nussbaum
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