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Beamz Siverly

Associate - Cohort 004

Beamz Siverly makes order out of chaos. Driven by data and a sense of humanity, she has always prioritized community over traditional external stakeholders.

At Normal Next, Siverly is directly involved in the development of a music museum, reenvisioning civic engagement through collaboration, and an online community for health equity champions.

She began her career as an interviewer at a market research firm working on projects ranging from Houston health projects to political surveys.

This experience led Siverly to become interested in how the data she was collecting was being used and displayed. This drew her to Bentley University where she is pursuing a degree in Marketing and a Liberal Studies Major in Media arts and society. She is a Gloria Larson Women’s Leadership Scholar which has afforded her the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills.

While in school she worked with the non-profit Waltham Family School to help immigrant mothers learn English and created marketing recommendations for the organization. She also served as a student researcher conducting interviews to gain data on intersectionality and Business Schools in order to make business schools more inclusive.

Before College, she attended Carnegie Vanguard High School which at the time was the #8 most challenging high school in the United States according to U.S. News. There she was a founding member and treasurer of the school’s Amnesty International chapter, overseeing letter-writing campaigns.

An avid reader and organization enthusiast, Siverly shelves books at The Houston Public Library. She loves to watch documentaries and read the news to stay informed about ways to present and address the issues that are alive in the world.

Beamz Siverly
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