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Arrany Spence

Associate - Cohort 009

Arrany (aaron-ee) Spence is a music technology major and entrepreneurship minor at UAB. I'm a creative and a musician with a passion for creating accessibility in the arts, and have been singing, songwriting, and playing guitar for about a decade. My experiences throughout my academic career, both in and out of class, have given me a variety of skills applicable to a wide range of professional situations.

My time spent leading the UAB Student Arts Council, my membership in the University Honors Program, my intense but lovable load of music courses, and so many other involvements with the university have taught me so much about leadership, event planning, time management, professionalism, preparedness, and so much more.

I love working in small teams and having the opportunity to get my voice heard. I'm friendly, outgoing, passionate, and driven, and thrive in positions where I am able to put my extroverted personality and creative problem solving skills to good use.

Arrany Spence
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