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Anne Kaczorowski

Associate - Cohort 007

Anne Kaczorowski connects people to the environment through storytelling.

A love of writing and Biology drew Kaczorowski to complete a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Environmental Journalism from the University of North Florida in 2020. Annie’s interest in stories stems from both a natural love of the art and her realization that, often, conflicts and indifference come from misunderstanding or ignorance. Authors such as Walt Whitman, John Muir, Rachel Carson, and Annie Dillard sparked her passion to find connections between the natural world, art, and human systems.

At the UNF Hicks Honors College, Kaczorowski worked as a Facilitator, and later the Liaison Coordinator. In these roles, she helped organize service projects impacting a local refugee community in Jacksonville, FL. Tutoring English, Kaczorowski had the opportunity to hear stories of people living in the refugee community and see the power of stories to connect people in action.

Prior to joining C/Corps, Kaczorowski pursued her dream to explore different parts of the world and studied abroad in England in the spring of 2019. While there, she also traveled to Scotland, France, and Morocco and picked up an interest in Photojournalism. Using visual storytelling and community immersion, she developed a story about an urban development project in a London neighborhood that upturned a local market economy.

After seeing a small slice of the world outside her hometown of Jacksonville, FL and completing her higher education, Annie taught at Bishop Kenny High School and San Juan del Rio as a substitute teacher during the pandemic and completed her yoga teacher certification.

In her free time, Kaczorowski enjoys picking up a paint brush. Filled with creativity, even her paintings tell stories. Beyond brush and paper, Kaczorowski reaches new heights as a rock climber.

Anne Kaczorowski
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