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Annabelle Fisher

Associate - Cohort 003

Annabelle Fisher is fueled by the compassion she feels from listening deeply to people’s personal experiences. Without fear, she seeks out the transformative power of conversations paired with action to foster understanding and growth.

Through that sense of solidarity with others, she engages all of her senses, allowing for very intentional dialog and engaging in the world around her, fully aware of her capacity to affect change.

Shaken by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Fisher co-founded Students Against Gun Violence, a local organization whose goals aligned with the national March for Our Lives Movement. She and her peers planned a school-wide walkout, spoke to politicians at the North Carolina General Assembly about issues of gun violence, and hosted an event called Time to Talk where students shared their feelings through artistic expression. The group showed why gun violence in schools transcends classrooms, representing people trapped by their environment, and their situation oftentimes not receiving adequate attention.

Prior to joining Normal>Next as a fall associate, Fisher was a North Carolina Civic Fellow with You Can Vote, a nonpartisan organization that aims to ensure everyone’s vote counts in the 2020 election. She focused on voter access during COVID-19 and worked with marginalized communities to prioritize voting.

She is currently taking a gap year from the University of NC-Chapel Hill where she is a Morehead-Cain scholar, studying public policy and psychology alongside social and economic justice.

On-campus, she co-leads First Year Council, a body of first-year students that receives funding and support to implement campus-wide projects related to a social justice issue of their choosing. She is also an active member of Criminal Justice Awareness and Action, as well as a Mental Health First Aid Responder.

She is an avid waterskier and aspiring roller skater. She loves to be outdoors, recently spending three weeks backpacking in the Pacific Northwest and circumnavigating the San Juan Islands in a kayak.

Annabelle Fisher
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