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Ander Linzey

Associate - Cohort 004

Ander Linzey takes the term “Jack of All Trades” and spins it for all it’s worth. They work to bridge the gap between technology and art, as well as making sure that everyone involved is both appreciated and understood.

As an associate with Normal Next, Linzey is instrumental in designing a community for health equity leaders.

Linzey graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in 3D animation and a minor in art history. Over quarantine, the focus shifted towards UX and graphic design with the desire to apply their skills in projects with an equity focus. They have not moved entirely from their roots as they are a part of the beginnings of a small studio founded with peers.

They are the creator of a short film called i&i, a historical romance that was created with 3D applications, styled around paper textures to evoke a feeling of love letters and faded memories.

During their studies in Art History, they took a deep dive into virtual reality within museums with an eye towards the technologies’ future applications. They also created an independent study class around rigging where they spent a semester learning more about the technical practice and bringing a digital character to life.

Linzey’s Jack of all Trade tendencies doesn’t apply only to their work. In their spare time, they love to learn anything and everything. They have a personal focus on ancient mythology and folklore, yet anything from true crime to herbalism has a spot in their personal library. They spend many hours talking about history with friends, and eagerly await the time when they can have those conversations in museums again.

Ander Linzey
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