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Alex Reid

Associate - Cohort 004

Alex Reid is fanatical about creating a world that works for everyone. He always aims to see things from other people’s perspectives and ensure solutions work both conceptually and practically.

He is a rising second-year at the University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill working on a double major in Statistics and Economics with a minor in Business Administration, believing it is through the data and finances that systems can change.

Last summer and fall Reid worked as a data analysis intern for MeterSys, a trusted service provider for AMI water metering solutions. He rebuilt their financial modeling system that clients can use to get an accurate quote on how expensive the water meters would be for their city/municipality based on only a few factors. The model is now operational on the company’s website.

Reid then worked to create a predictive model that would determine when a meter would fail before it did. The model was designed to save water and make sure citizens always had access to clean water without being overcharged. He created a prototype model using RStudio that the company can now update and complete so that the Predictive Model can be packaged alongside the meters.

In high school Reid was a volunteer basketball coach, sailing instructor, and an executive board member of the Key Club. He believes sports can teach many of the values needed to be an exceptional teammate, student, and citizen. Through sailing and basketball, he taught his students the importance of respect, courage, honesty, and integrity as well as the benefits of dedication and hard work. He also played varsity basketball and sand volleyball while serving as the Executive Vice President of his school’s DECA branch and competing in the international conference in the marketing communications event.

At UNC, Reid has been an associate for Consult Your Community, a volunteer consulting club that works with local businesses and has seen increased requests during the pandemic. He is also the treasurer of the Carolina Cornhole Club which brings people into a competitive social setting without expectations of athletic ability.

Reid loves to learn new things. His favorite conversations are with people talking about something they are incredibly passionate about. If someone is an expert in a very niche subject he doesn’t know much about, he will learn as much as he can from them, always appreciating their perspective and their willingness to share. He also strives to be healthy, playing sports, working out, and eating healthily. He loves watching movies and sports with his friends, yet he would much rather go to a live sporting event or theater (after COVID).

Alex Reid
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