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Connect retired people with young people

“The secret to growing older is to never let the child in you die.”
Guy Pfeffermann, Intergenerational Support Project sponsor and client, former Chief Economist of the International Finance Corporation at the World Bank

Over the course of 10 weeks, NN009 worked as a group under the guidance of the Normal Next principals to find a solution to the growing gap between generations and the lack of meaningful intergenerational connections outside of the family, with the aim of improving the well being and sense of purpose of everyone. It was with this understanding that we developed Connect&. Connect& is a network of intergenerational clubs specifically structured to build community and foster connections across ages by bringing members together around a common interest. The club will be structured in a manner that will center community building above all else and create a space that allows individuals to request help from others.

Throughout NN009's research, interviews, and feedback it became clear to the team that the most sustainable way to design a solution was to focus on community building and connections, or put simply, to lead with the heart. With Connect&, the foundation of success will rely on community building being at the center of the design in order to create a space for these interactions to flourish. We believe that Connect&’s structure does this while solving a number of logistical difficulties and building a culture of inclusiveness across ages.

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