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Connect retired people with young people

“The secret to growing older is to never let the child in you die.”
Guy Pfeffermann, Intergenerational Support Project sponsor and client, former Chief Economist of the International Finance Corporation at the World Bank

Over the course of 10 weeks, Normal Next's C/Corps cohort NN009 worked as a group under the guidance of the Normal Next principals to find a solution to the growing gap between generations and the lack of meaningful intergenerational connections outside of the family, with the aim of improving the well being and sense of purpose of everyone. It was with this understanding that we developed Connect&.

Connect& is not your typical program. It's a call to action for every younger and older adult who wants to meet new people and have fun sharing an experience together. Connect& offers scalable community-based programs to spark meaningful connections and deepen intergenerational bonds. The program can be adopted in diverse environments, fostering lasting change and social cohesion for communities across the country.

The Connect& program is intentionally designed and tested so that connections formed between participants are central. Our secret sauce is in the experience. Curated activities change each session, and create an opportunity for co-generational discovery. Group sharing and reflection reinforces a sense of community. Each session propels participants towards strengthening the bonds between generations. Together participants build new social connections and overcome feelings of loneliness.

Our partners are redefining intergenerational connection.

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