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Project Zero

A 5 day intensive training experience designed to strengthen teams and develop a high level of skill in problem solving grounded in design thinking.



  • Intensive Experience - Providing the tools to process, contextualize, and integrate experiences through embodied reflections.

  • Problem Solving - Structured frameworks for processing, making sense, and integrating research

  • Team building - Building strong, agile teams by exploring risks and constraints

  • Meaning Making - Cultivating work culture in both virtual and physical spaces

  • 5 days

  • 1 customizable challenge

  • Flexible delivery: Online, hybrid, and in person


  • For new teams seeking to jumpstart their collaboration 

  • For existing teams wanting to solve problems at a high level

  • No previous experience needed

Discover the program


Project Zero starts with a customizable challenge prompt, intentionally with very little direction, designed to immerse participants in problem-solving. Participants are put on teams of 3 to 5 people to develop a comprehensive solution within a few days.


Participants present their solution to the challenge and receive feedback from invested stakeholders. After the feedback session, participants are led through an embodied feedback reflection to integrate their experience holistically.

Design Thinking

On the final day of the experience, participants are guided through the design thinking process with a series of interactive and embodied reflections supported with didactic content. Participants overlay the skills they used to develop a solution with the design thinking process, and map new ways of looking at and solving problems, integrating their experience and knowledge.

Consider our 3 month certificate program, C/Corps


C/Corps includes Project Zero - it is an experiential program, designed to foster a sense of common purpose and meaning, training people in leading-edge problem solving techniques while deploying them to do high-impact, real-world work with public and industry leaders.

Jumpstart your team now


Starting at $10,000

Get in touch today to arrange your customizable Project Ø experience.

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